Virgen de Lorea Winery

Bodegas Virgen de Lorea radicetes its vineyards in an area full of natural privileges: the southern slopes of the Otxaran-Zalla mountains in the middle of Las Encartaciones.

Its lime-clay soil with moderate rainfall and temperatures and cold northern winds, is ideal for obtaining the best txakoli.

The latest elaboration techniques, the most modern facilities, the constant evolution and the professional zeal do the rest.

There are reliable reports which confirm that in the late seventeenth century, the Laiseka family members, ancestors of the current owner, elaborated cider and txakoli in humble facilities that, logically, have nothing to do with the current facilities.

The current surface area is approximately 35 hectares, of which some 25 are used for the vineyards, facilities and head office. The remainder is currently being used for planting.


Barrio Lorea s/n 48860 Otxaran-Zalla - Bizkaia

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Tel: 94 667 18 71

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