Uriarte Winery

The great-grandparents of Francisco Uriarte, in the late 19th century, were the initiators of the plantation of vineyards, and the grapes were produced in the Eguskitza Farmhouse in Fika. Continuing their tradition and applying the most modern techniques we continue to produce Txakoli.

There is something magical in choosing a wine. Its colour, aroma, acidity and body are important aspects to harmonise the dishes selected. However, no dogmas are immovable. At Bodejas Uriarte we know that taste is very subjective. As a result of our experience and the love of a job well done, we open a window to the innovations of the Wineries with the greatest personality, without forgetting the most praised classics of the Basque Country.


Barrio Acillona, Caserio Eguzkiza, 42, 48113 Gamiz-Fika - Bizkaia

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Tel: 94 615 31 40

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