Ulibarri Winery

Ulibarri Artzaiak is an ecological viticultural-livestock project located in the middle of a 30-hectare plot in the center of the forest in the Biscayan town of Gordexola. The location of the 2.2-hectare vineyard is perfect: north-south slope, total insolation, drained soils with an optimal vegetative stop.

Our Artzai txakoli is a typical “terroir” wine from organic viticulture strains adapted to the land without contributions and with great personality. We attach great importance to the quality of the grape: that it is small, rich in ollejas and yeasts, well matured, with a manual harvest in boxes of 7 kilos. Furthermore, the txakoli is fermented in new French oak, it is neither stabilized nor filtered, to preserve greater organoleptic potential as well as better aging. It also has a minimum bottle aging of 6 months.

In autumn-winter we practice grazing in the vineyard with our flock of “latxa” sheep, maintaining a better balance in fertility in the field.


Barrio Zaldu, Caserio Isuskiza Handi, 1, 48192 Gordexola - Bizkaia

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Tel: 665 725 735

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