Txabarri Winery


Txakoli Txabarri has owned its winery in Aranguren-Zalla (Bizkaia) since 1995, when it decided to take part in the txakoli production at the start of the Bizkaiko Txakolina Designation of Origin.

It produces Txakoli White Extra, Txakoli White, Txakoli Rosé and Txakoli Red.

We put quality before quantity in our production. Proof of this are the numerous prizes we have been awarded in recent years, especially for the white wine.

Using our own machinery for the care and production of txakoli, combining tradition with modernity to obtain a wine with a colour, aroma, acidity and body characteristic of Txabarri Txakoli.

Our oldest vineyard is located in Aranguren (Zalla) where it has a perfect orientation to make the most of all the hours of sunshine. We also have 5 Ha. on the slopes of the Enkarterri Assembly House and Museum situated in Abellaneda, with the right orientation to obtain a wine of excellent quality and to be able to satisfy the demand for our txakoli.



Barrio de Muñeran 17, Aranguren, 48850 - Zalla

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Tel: 94 639 09 47 / Fax: 94 639 09 47

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