Merrutxu Winery

The farmhouse Merrutxu produces under the Denomination of Origin the brand of wine “Txakoli Merrutxu”, excellent wine of author, very limited production and that can only be assessed on a selection of restaurants and in the hamlet, either at its winery, wine tasting area or in the dinning room, since it offers its customers the option of breakfast and dinner.

The visitor can see these vineyards with their varieties Ondarrabi Zuri and Folle Blanche as recommended and approved for the development of these wines.

Its very careful cultivation throughout the year, its harvest in early October and its subsequent elaboration process with fermentation, rest in storage, filtration, bottling and stabilization, end in Txakoli Merrutxu with a personality that does not leave indifferent to whom tests it.


BÂș Arboliz 15, Caserio Merrutxu, 48311 Ibarrangelu - Bizkaia

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Tel: (94) 627 64 35

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