Markoleta winery

Back in 1983 we decided to recover the production of what oru ancestors form the late XIX century did to quench their thirst, the precious Txakoli de Markoleta.

With this aim we carried out the first field with Mune Mahatsa variety strains from Balmaseda that still give identity to our Txakoli. In 1990 we completed the field with the variety Ondarrabi Zuri and recently we have joined the Ondarrabi Zuri Zerratia variety.

Our small vineyards are located in the small town of La Quadra in the council of Güeñes, in Enkarterri. More exactly on the southwest face of Mount Eretza, which protects them from the cold north winds.

The there ripened grapes and once they have pulled from the ground and absorbed from the air and the sunshine: the aroma, energy and color that would end inside the bottle, initiate a short journey from the vine to the destemmer. An stainless Steel winery is placed in the same vineyard where the grape-juice begins a path through a piping to the interior of the stainless Steel kupelas where it will end up becoming the txakoli of Markoleta.


Markoleta, 10 (La Quadra) - 48840 Güeñes - Bizkaia

Phone number

Tel: 94 669 32 68

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