Magalarte Zamudio Winery


Family-run winery, originating in the Magalarte farmhouse on the western slopes of Zamudio and with a wine-producing tradition since the mid 19th century, passed down from parents to children over at least 5 generations.

Nowadays, in our new facilities, situated next to Zamudio Technology Park, where tradition and cutting-edge technology are combined, we have txakoli making equipment and systems with state-of-the-art methods and new wine-making techniques, always respecting the tradition methods. We also have new plantations, at different heights above sea level, with excellent orientation, to obtain grapes of maximum quality, based on the Ondarrabi zuri as the main variety.

All our vineyards follow integrated production systems, always based on the principle that txakoli is made on the vine and with the philosophy of a respect for the environment, the vineyard and the surroundings.



Arteaga Auzoa 107, 48170 Zamudio - Bizkaia

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Tel: (94) 452 14 31

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