Magalarte Lezama Winery

Family-run wine cellar founded in the 19th century, possibly one of the few that has reached its fifth generation.

Our vineyard, situated in an unbeatable setting, with magnificent sunshine hours as it is south facing and environmentally friendly growing methods (integrated production ) gives us a healthy, mature, golden grape… Ideal starting point for the production of a good txakoli.

Our txakoli maintains the traditional traits although nowadays we produce it with the most advanced techniques that allow us to obtain a wine with a fresh fruity aroma that reaches our palates awakening pleasing sensations.

The different prizes obtained by our txakolis both nationally and internationally are the best recognition of our work.

Do not miss the opportunity to find out for yourself by visiting us. We are right in the heart of El Txorierri Valley, just 10 minutes from Bilbao and 5 minutes on foot from Lezama station (train/bus).


Bยบ Garaioltza 92 BIS, 48196 Lezama - Bizkaia

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Tel: (94) 455 65 08

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