Gure Ahaleginak Winery

Gure Ahaleginak is a family wine cellar nailed in a beautiful spot (old known as the “Route of the wine Cellars”) surrounded by its own vineyards which are gifted of systems no-frost so much of sprinkling like of ventilation given that Orduña, only City of the Dominion of Bizkaia, is found to an altitude of 314 m., what influences in its climatology: not excessively warm sunny days and fresh nights.

Orduña is situated in the depression formed by the river bed of the Nervión. Deep floors do that our vineyards produce some sweet and harmonically acid grape juice. Taste and aromatic substances of pleasant perception in mouth. It produces a txakoli with body and of excellent elaborate quality with grape originating in the family vineyard, for which all the process is carries out without leaving the property.


Barrio Ibazurra, 1, 48460 Orduña - Bizkaia

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Tel: 605 746 277

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