Garkalde Winery

Family winery created in 2002 and subsequent expansion in 2009, with a rustic construction that blends in with the surroundings; it has 2 floors, on the ground floor is the winery and the first floor is used for visits and Txakoli wine tasting.

It is situated in Txorierri, in the heart of Bizkaia, in the area with the most sunlight in the small town of Lezama, on the green slopes blessed with a special microclimate in the neighbourhood of Goitioltza, in one of the most traditional txakoli wine-producing areas in the world.

The name of the winery is GARKALDE, like the txakoli, which is balanced, fresh and pleasant, with fruity, citrus nuances, a slightly bitter finish and a straw-yellow colour with metallic and green tones that reflect its youth.


Bº Goitioltza 8,
48196 Lezama - Bizkaia

Phone number

Tel: 677 578 664

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