Erdikoetxe Winery

A family-run winery located in Lezama, devoted to the production of txakoli under the Bizkaiko Txakolina Designation of Origin.

This excellent txakoli is the result of work that starts at the vine, taking the utmost care of the whole plant cycle, and after a selected grape harvest, producing it in the winery with traditional and limited production.

The work in the vineyard is performed manually in strict compliance with the sector’s specific regulations. A healthy grape, timely grape harvest and perfect production are essential to obtain a great txakoli.

Two varieties of native grapes like hondarrabi zuri and hondarrabi beltza are the result of this fruity, young white wine. An exclusive variety used to make a wine that is both authentic and unique.

At Erdikoetxe, we feel a deep love and respect for our land and our wine-producing heritage.


B┬║Goitioltza n┬║ 38 48196 Lezama - Bizkaia

Phone number

Tel: 944 573 285 / 625 700 554

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