Bizkai Barne Winery

The new winery Bizkaibarne ensued as an integration project of 4 different small wine-growing estates in inland Biscay. Thus, grouping 14 hectares of vineyards in Orozko, Arrankudiaga and Balmaseda, all located in the mountain sides having ideal agricultural conditions for quality viticulture that is, on mountain sides that lie between 200 and 300 m. above sea level, moderate fertile soils and subsoil with “cayuela” and sandstone.

The winery, located next to its vineyards in Orozko is designed for a careful batch elaboration depending on the different vines and varieties. Thus elaborating products that are distinguished by both their origin as well as style, offering txakolis with their own identity in which the leitmotiv or guiding theme is always its quality and finesse. Of the 4 winegrowers partners team, 2 of them are oenologists have experience in txakoli vineyards and in its elaboration, which is why for this winery, it represents the fruits of over a decade of work in which the experience gained is the foundation for this new project.


Bº Murueta s/n 48410 Orozko - Bizkaia

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Tel: 946 330 709 / 661 922 101

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