Berroja Winery

BERROJA WINERY is a family farm, which occupies a plot of 25 hectares surrounding the actual winery, where the Berroia, Aguirrebeko and Berroja Txakoli wines are made with Hondarrabi Zuri, Riesling and Folle Blanche grapes from the surrounding vineyard.

Berroja’s location, right in the heart of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, offers extensive views over the natural environment that surrounds it, including four of the five beacon mountains of the Historical Territory of Bizkaia.

The winery has a social space that is open-plan and easily divisible, with movable walls and a capacity for 200 people, equipped with audiovisual and computer technology, Internet, photocopiers, fax, projector and screen with wireless sound, etc. Ideal for holding events of any kind including family celebrations and business events.

The social room can host wine and gastronomic activities, as well as guided visits to the wine cellar, wine tastings and tasting of traditional local products, like cheese, white tuna, salted produce, etc., as well as exclusive lunches and dinners.

We can highlight that at our location and at our facilities you can enjoy experiences linked to Txakoli, Nature and the Landscape, with total exclusivity for the group to honour the winery’s motto “A Privilege for the Senses”.


Ctra. Zugastieta, Balcón de Bizkaia (Ajuria) Barrio Berroja, 12 48392 Muxika - Bizkaia

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Tel: 94 410 62 54

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