Berez Galanta Winery

The Urrutikoetxea Garcia family, from Galdakao, has created Berez Galanta with the aim of transmitting the essence of our land to the world.

The project, which fuses tradition and avant-garde in a privileged natural environment, is made locally from the field to the final product, in the Berez Galanta Winery.

It is located on a hill in the Arteta neighborhood, in the town of Galdakao. Located at an altitude of 259 m. above sea level, the winery is surrounded by 12 hectares of vineyards, for now with 6 of production, of the native variety Hondarrabi Zuri.

Committed to sustainability and respect for the environment, they put all their efforts into guaranteeing the care and respect that the soil and the natural environment deserve. Among others, the bottling process is carried out using recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Everything materializes in a Txakoli aged on fine lees that enhance the aging process.


Arteta Bidea, 7 48960 Galdakao - Bizkaia

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Tel: 649 24 87 77


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