Basobe Winery

The philosophy of BASOBE – a young family winery located in Laukiz – from the beginning, is based on respect and connection with nature and love for wine, for this reason we pamper our vines and grow our grapes with traditional and ecological methods, using safe products both for our vineyards and for the final consumer.

In our winery we obtain an exclusive organic wine through a strictly artisan process, manual collection and selection of the grapes. We care more about quality than quantity, so year after year our main concern is to bring new and select nuances to the family of Biscayan txakolis.

BASOBE organic txakolí is the product of the mixture of the varieties hondarrabi zuri, mune mahatsa and sauvignon-blanc that, with their particular way of cultivation and extraction, give rise to a broth with a strong personality and fruity aroma.


Barrio Mendiondo, 2 48111 Elexalde/Laukiz - Bizkaia

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Tel: 687 888 989

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