Zabala (Basigo) Winery

Small family winery in the Elexalde neighbourhood, next to the Andra Mari Parish Church. A rural environment with a microclimate, in which, as well as the vines, the famous orange and lemon trees of Bakio also grow.

A winery maintaining the traditional Basque architecture of the rural environment, while at the same time using modern machinery in the production and bottling process.

We display old machinery for txakoli production as part of the winery’s historic heritage and as a curiosity for visitors.

Situated on the route of the old stately homes of Bakio, it offers a walk through the stately and rural Bakio of yesteryear.

Dealing directly and personally with the producer-maker.

Sale of txakoli and visits to learn about the vitiviniculture activity and taste our products.


Goitisoloalde, 22A - 48130 Bakio - Bizkaia

Phone number

Tel: 94 619 33 74 / 656 76 79 54

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