Vignettes with Txakoli

TXAKOMIC is a proposal that mixes the comic with the txakoli in different ways.

On the one hand we talk about the stories with txakoli in the background. The screenwriter Mikel Begoña, together with different authors with a Biscayan denomination of origin, brings us every two months a new comic in which txakoli is the common thread of different family stories, fraternity, adventures … different scripts that value, not only the txakoli but the context in which it is born.

Stories published to date:

Comic 2  “The Crack”

“The Crack” is the second story with a presence and a touch of txakoli. The scriptwriter Mikel Begoña, together with the cartoonist Pedro J. Colombo and Aintzane Landa, offer us a new comic with txakoli as the common thread of another friendship story over the years.

Script: Mikel Begoña

Drawing: Pedro J. Colombo / Aintzane Landa

La grieta

Comic 1  “In the shade of the vines”

“In the shade of the vines” the first story of Txakomic! It comes from the hand of the scriptwriter Mikel Begoña and the cartoonist Higinia Garay. A story that tells us about summer trips, friends, family and those memories we long for.

Script: Mikel Begoña
Drawing: Higinia Garay

A la sombra de las parras

Txakomic!  Tastings and more

TXAKOMIC is also an event that unites drawing with txakoli with different pairings. Two spaces, Mendibile Jauregia (Leioa) and the Txakolingunea Museum (Bakio), become stages for tastings, showcookings, workshops for the little ones and different activities in which creativity is very present.

2021 Edition: The first edition of TXAKOMIC was held on the first two weekends of June 2021. Caricatures, livedrawing, gyotaku, sound arts and other disciplines go hand in hand with tastings and showcookings where Bizkaiko Txakolina is the protagonist …

Here you can see how the event developed: