Special wines

The existence of a dynamic, innovative association of wineries has fostered the emergence of new types of wine within the production methods that are worked with; a few years ago this would have struck one as unthinkable within this designation.

These are new types of wine that do not coincide with the traditional txakoli either in terms of their production methods or in terms of their organoleptic characteristics. That is why a decision was taken to include them as Wines protected and controlled within the Regulations governing this Designation, but in an Additional Provision at the end of the Regulations in which it is stipulated that in the labelling of these wines it will not be possible to use the traditional complementary term “Chacolí / Txakoli / Txakolina”.


Late harvest

These are wines produced with overripe grapes produced on the registered vineyards and with a natural alcohol strength of over 15 % ABV. They are aged for a time in oak barrels, and this time is stipulated by the Regulatory Council in terms of the characteristics of the harvest.

They are golden yellow in colour in which greenish, lemon shades may appear. In terms of their nose they have intense, complex aromas with touches of ripe fruit, spices, honey and dried fruit. In the mouth a balanced, rounded creamy taste with good aromatic persistence. The end is long and elegant.


Sparkling wines

These are wines produced and aged (“crianza” process between the second fermentation until the removal of the lees, inclusive) in the same bottle in which the tirage is carried out. Its unique feature that sets it apart from other wines of this type is that the wine base is exclusively endorsed txakoli. At the same time, the filling of the bottles at the moment of disgorging is done exclusively with this same wine.

The colour ranges from straw yellow to golden yellow with the possibility of greenish edges. Clear and bright with the persistent giving off of bubbles. Fresh and fruity aromas of medium intensity, which may be completed with secondary aromas. In the mouth they are fresh wines with the right balance between acidity and sugar. They have hints combining fruity ones (citric fruits, pineapple) with touches of dried fruits.