Regulatory Council

In the new Regulations of the Designation, the Regulatory Council is constituted as the Corporation of Public Law, to which are attributed control and promotion duties.


With respect to its legal regime, it shall be subject in general to private law, without prejudice of regulation by public law of the acts that concern its constitution, organisation and electoral procedures, as well as being subject to administrative law of the activities that involve the exercise of public functions.


Actually the Regulatory Council is formed by:


  • Six members elected by the producing and winemaking sectors.
  • A Chairman and a Vice Chairman.
  • Two representatives of the Administration (Basque Government and Regional Council of Vizcaya).


Following the changes that took place in 2018, the positions are now as follows:



  • Mr. Jose Luis Gomez Querejeta


Vice Chairman:

  • Mr. Unai Sulibarria Santibáñez



  • Mr. Aritza Antolinez, Mrs. Miren Sorkunde Bikandi, Mr. Arkaitz Larrazabal, Mr. Ugaitz Iturbe, Mr. Garikoitz Rios, and Mr. Bertol Izagirre.


Representative of the Basque Government:

  • Mr. Raul Perez Iratxeta (Director of Quality and Food Industries)


Representative of the Regional Council of Biscay:

  • Mrs. Amaia Antxustegi Ziarda (Deputy of Sustainable Development and the Natural Environment)


Rules of Procedure