The Designation of Origin of the “Chacolí de Bizkaia – Bizkaiko Txakolina” was recognised provisionally by means of the Basque Government Order of 7th May 1993 (B.O.P.V.: No. 88, Thursday, 13th May 1993).


The definitive recognition was obtained the following year by Order of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing of the Basque Government of 1st March 1994 (B.O.P.V.: no. 112, Tuesday, 14th June 1994), and subsequently ratified by means of Ministerial Order of 2nd November of that year (B.O.E. of 11th November 1994).


Later, the following modifications took place:


  • Order of 5th December 1996 (B.O.P.V.: no. 240, Friday, 13th December 1996), subsequently ratified by means of Ministerial Order of 24th February 1998 (B.O.E. of 10th March 1998). Modified aspects: Broadening of the municipal districts covered and the inclusion of the variety Folle Blanche as authorised.


  • Order of 3rd May 2006 (B.O.P.V.: no. 89, Friday, 12th May 2006). Modified aspects: Broadening of the municipal districts to all of Bizkaia and raising of the height of the maximum altitude where the plots are located to 400 m.


On 8th September 2006, the Regulations currently in force (Order of 21st August 2006) were published in the B.O.P.V. With it, the Designation of Origin was adapted to the demands of the Wine Act of 2003 and the later Basque Law on Vinicultural Organisation.


In relation to the above Regulations, the most important changes to be highlighted are the following:


  • A series of new authorised varieties are included, although for the purpose of maintaining the sensory characteristics of the Txakoli de Bizkaia, a limit to its use was established. Thus, in the making of the Txakolis included in the D.O., the wineries cannot surpass a percentage of vineyard surface area of these varieties.


  • The transformation yield of grapes to wine is reduced from 72 to 70 litres of wine per 100 kg. of grapes.


  • A new type of txakoli, the white fermented in barrels, is included and categorised.


  • The Regulatory Council is recognised as a Public Law Corporation.


  • Two new types of Special Wines are also considered, that do not have the right to use the word Txakoli, but that are considered controlled and certified by the Regulatory Council under the indications: “Vendimia Tardía” and “Espumoso”.


Finally, the control system will be carried out by an independent Company, accredited in the compliance with the UNE 45011 Standard.


Reunified Regulations of January 2010


Regulations of July 2012 (Adaptation to the sheet)