The quality in the D.O. Txakolí of Bizkaia is defined by the characteristics that contribute to it: on the one hand the natural environment and the varieties cultivated and on the other, the good practices and careful elaboration of its producers and winemakers.


All the work and effort that are carried out by the wine-growers and the registered wineries would lose value without the existence of an organisation that controls and certifies its proper realisation.


Control and Verification of compliance with the Regulation

Carried out by an External Control Company, accredited by the EN – 45011 standard.

The first phase of the controls is carried out by the Kalitatea Foundation, a company accredited by ENAC according to the EN 45011 Standard, with accreditation no. 7/C – PR030. This company, contracted by the Regulatory Council, conducts audits in the Registered Wineries, checking the correct compliance of the Designation of Origin Regulations by means of verifications, tests and administrative inspections.

After verification by means of a strict procedure of the correct compliance with the Regulations, the Fundación Kalitatea issues a Certificate by which it guarantees that the Txakoli elaborated by the audited winery “complies with the requisites of the product stipulated in the Regulations of the Designation of Origin “Chocolí de Bizkaia – Bizkaia – Bizkaiko Txakolina”, approved by Order of 21 August 2006”.

Sensory Control

Realizado por el Comité de Cata dependiente del Consejo Regulador

Once the Winery has this Certificate, it must submit the batch of txakoli that it wants to bottle to another control. This control consists of the Qualification Procedures that the Regulatory Council applies to all the batches of txakoli.

These Procedures establish the carrying out of a chemical analysis, as well as a sensory tasting carried out by five experts of recognised prestige and who know the characteristics that a Txakoli de Bizkaia must have.

Once having passed this process, the corresponding numbered back labels are given to the wineries.

Therefore, the bottles of txakoli identified with the corresponding back label of this designation represent for the consumer the guarantee of a product that has surpassed all the quality controls established by this regulatory council; that is, a product with noble quality parameters and typical and differentiated sensory characteristics, a result of its elaboration with grapes cultivated in Vizcaya, of the varieties Recommended and Authorised by the Regulations of the Designation.