Producing area

The vineyard is present throughout the entire geography of Vizcaya. It is possible to find plantations in areas very near the coastline, in interior valleys, or in the mountain sides at medium altitude.


However, we always find them in well oriented locations, with a good mid-day exposure, on medium mountain side, well drained and airy.


Within Vizcaya there are districts where the surface area of the vineyard and the number of wineries is slightly higher than average. We are mainly talking about the districts of Uribe and Urdaibai.


Thus, within the first, the Valle de Txori herri (Zamudio, Derio, Lezama, Larrabetzu etc.) or the town of Bakio stand out. In the second district we refer to Gernika, Busturia, Muxika or Kortezubi, among others.


But we would miss the reality if we did not recall here other traditional producing areas such as the District of the Encartaciones, with its vineyards of Zalla, Balmaseda or Gordexola. Or also that of Durangesado with its vineyards dominated by the crests of the mountains Amboto and Oiz, in the towns of Elorrio, Amorebieta, Euba, Durango or Abadiano.


Their presence is also noted in areas as separated and different as the town of Orduña, enclave located in the valley of Ayala, in front of the District of Lea – Artibai, in its valleys (Markina) as well as in its estuary (Lekeitio and Mendexa).


In short, a rich variety of areas and locations that contribute peculiar characteristics to the elaborated txakolis, although within the same common line imparted by the Designation of Origin.

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Characteristics and wineries

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