Bizkaiko Txakolina expects a good campaign in the harvest that is about to begin

14 Oct Bizkaiko Txakolina expects a good campaign in the harvest that is about to begin

The Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Bizkaiko Txakolina expects that the amount of grapes picked in the harvest that is about to begin, is this year greater than in the last year.

After two years with adverse weather conditions, especially those of last 2018, this 2019 has had a more favorable development. Therefore, the volume of this harvest should be somewhat higher than that of 2016, last year with conditions that can be considered normal. This may mean an increase in production volume of 30%, or more, compared to 2018, although if we compare it with the last year in which it registered a harvest within the usual parameters, the increase could be around 5%.

The sprouting of the vineyard was very early this year, but the weather in May and the first days of June was somewhat cold, which meant that the anticipated advance was initially offsetting and normalizing the calendar.

In Bizkaia, summer has generally been mild temperatures, although with some days with intense heat waves. Precipitation has been spaced, which has allowed the work in the vineyard to be carried out in an orderly manner and has reduced fungal pressure.

All this has led us to a September with an early harvest in a few days compared to last year. A grape of good quality and a normal volume is expected. If the forecasts are fulfilled, the wineries will start harvesting the earliest varieties around September 20 and if there are no setbacks in the weather, the work will continue until mid-October.