April 2019

Federacion Pelota 2019
Presentation of the Bizkaia Cup / Grand Bizkaiko Txakolina Prize

Leioa, 8 April 2019.- This morning, an event presenting the AOC Bizkaiko Txakolina (Txakoli of Biscay) sponsorship of the Bizkaia Cup Basque petola finals was held. These finals will be held on 12-14 April in the Galdakao, Zalla, Elorrio, Usánsolo Fronton courts and the Fronton...

Salon Madrid 2019
Resounding success of the Bizkaiko Txakolina Fair in Madrid

Biscay, 29 March 2019.- The Bizkaiko Txakolina (Txakoli of Biscay) Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée yesterday in Madrid brought together wine industry professionals who wished to learn about the latest developments and trends of the main wineries which attended the Fair held at the Professional Association of...