May 2016

Jornadas Comite Cata
We are creating the new Wine Tasting Committee

In the constant pursuit of the improvement of our product, Bizkaiko Txakolina (Txakoli of Biscay) is immersed in the selection of its new Wine Tasting Committee. This is the first phase of a broader project which will culminate with the change of the scoring procedure...

Institucional Cosecha 2015
Garena and Mendiolagan will be the 2016 Institutional Txakoli

The Garena txakolis, from the Gorka Izaguirre Winery in Larrabetzu and Mendiolagan, from the Bizkai Barne winery in Orozko, have been chosen in a wine tasting held a couple of days ago, to be the 2016 Institutional Txakoli. The 2016 Institutional Txakoli represents with its...